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Manca 2020
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High Pockets de Gianluca DELFINO

Année de composition : 2010
Durée : 9.00 minutes

Formation :

Pour sons de synthèse en octophonie

Contexte CIRM

  • Programmée dans le cadre du Festival MANCA 2010 "La Voie Humaine", le jeudi 18 novembre 2010 (Forum des Etudiants).

Notice :

"High Pockets" is a musical piece reflecting a quasi-symmetry around a central section. The rarified  and stable set of events in this central section is introduced and followed by two mirroring, restless sections whose spectral density nearly reaches white noise.
The structure mirrors the circularity of the life of a galaxy, the solar system more specifically, or hypotetically the whole universe. After a big bang, matter is created in a vortex of nebulae which expands and divides into recognisable elements. Inside each proto-galaxy (only one part of it - the solar system - is taken into consideration) there is a central core (the sun)  and eight smaller rhythmic elements (the planets) revolving along their orbits at different speeds. This apparently stable situation, occurring in the central section, is disturbed by the intervention of an alien element, anticipating the final disruption the system is intrinsecally bound to. The rhythm of the planets progressively raises to the point of reverting to the whirling nebulae of redundant chaos:  where genesis and destruction overlap in a potentially infinite loop.

The compositional method, essentially series-based, allows the composer to relate every single event, on every level of the spectrum-pitch-rhythm-structure to a series based on the ratio of the diameters of the planets in the solar system, thus realising a micro-macro relationship which reflects the totalising nature of this musical piece.

The title is ironically based on the character of a novel I was reading when I was finalising the piece. It suggetsed me a healthy, cynical detachment from the deadly vortex of infinite possibilities, parallel universes and totalising systems.

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