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Manca 2020
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Song of Glass de Irving KINNERSLEY

Durée : 12.00 minutes

Formation :


Contexte CIRM

  • Programmée dans le cadre du Festival MANCA 2015 "De proche en proche", dans le Forum des Etudiants, jeudi 19 novembre 2015 au CNRR de Nice.

Notice :

Song of Glass utilized as its starting point recordings of glass sounds: breaking glass, glass being rubbed by a finger,  glass being hit and wine glasses singing. The piece was then developed by subjecting these sounds to various degrees of processing. I was interested in the paradoxes of a material which can be beautiful and dangerous, hard and fragile, used for vast epic structures and humble everyday domestic utensils and can help us see both the microscopic and the macroscopic.

The piece explores these extremes: moving from the vast chaotic sounds of destructive glass through structured rhythmic  sections  to the quieter and more intimate sounds of glass singing.

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