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Manca 2021
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Beastiaries de Harrison JONTY

Année de composition : 2012

Formation :


Contexte CIRM

Notice :

Sonic organisms (BEASTies? No, this term more normally refers to their handlers – q.v.), gathered in their natural habitat of the concert hall (but only during the times of ‘set-up’ and ‘strike’), together with some recordings of these creatures in captivity (in both the new and the old BEAST store, for which this intrepid explorer is grateful to Julien Guillamat for his assistance) and in transit (though a Transit is no longer sufficient for moving this collection, which now needs a 17.5 tonne truck).

Species to be heard include the aluminium trussing, the scaffolding, the gaffer tape, the rubber matting, the wind-up tripod, various trolleys and flight cases of the genus ambulataurus allaroundus, the cable and its distant relative, the cable drum, the speaker grille, the speaker stand and its companion, the wooden top, the toolkit and its elusive parasites, the Allen key (allenki semperdisparandi), the spanner (spanna absentia) and the adjustable wrench (more commonly known as monki), and several members of the family of connectors (cliki cliki).

Research into this unique ecosystem is ongoing.

[Heath and Safety notice: listeners, especially those of a nervous disposition, should be aware that these sounds are very far from domesticated and will try to escape at every available opportunity. Typical behaviours include issuing calls (taunting or, more likely, just lost) from hidden locations, flying about at random, crashing through open spaces and creeping covertly through the undergrowth before emerging suddenly and without warning in alarmingly close proximity to observers.]

BEASTiary is dedicated to my family: to my late parents, Nancy and Doug (who gave unconditional support to all my enterprises and enthusiasms, no matter how barmy), to Ali (who has been a constant rock of sanity during this 30-year expedition) and to Clare and Emma (who offer boundless encouragement, despite the strange looks they get when they tell their friends what their father does for a living). It is also dedicated to my extended family: the 100-odd (no comment required!) postgraduate students who have been BEASTies since 1982 – it has been quite a journey!

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