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Manca 2022
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Vox in Vitro de Michel Redolfi

Année de composition : 2000 - 2020

Contexte CIRM

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 Narrator Michael  LONSDALE 

 Guest vocalist Frank  ROYON  LE  MÉE 

 Glass Harmonica Thomas  BLOCH  

Originellement au Centre International de Recherche Musicale (Cirm) en 2000 à Nice, création d'une interprétation immersive spécifique réalisée en 2020 pour le dispositif 32 voies de Micadôme, avec l'aide du Cirm et du festival Manca. 

 Poems : “Le temps des Anges”, Homero  Arridjis / “Ce mourir entêté”, Jose  Gorostiza   

 1 Le  Calligraphe (6:39) 

 2 Une  étoile  cachée  par  sa  propre  lumière (8:45) 

 3 Vox  in  Vitro (9:17)   

 4 Le  saut  périlleux (9:53) 

 5 Les  anges  voyagent  à  la  vitesse  du  silence  (5:37) 

 Vox in Vitro is a tribute to Susan   Belling, Franco-­‐American soprano, prolific and eccentric diva, whose repertory evolved from classic roles at Opera de Paris to border-­‐ line vocal experimentations on the international avant-­‐garde scene. She often visited my studios in Nice and we recorded many sessions over the years where she was freely expressing her tumultuous life with emotional improvisations. With the exception of some celestials tracks used in my underwater concerts, most of the sessions never made their way into a piece … until Susan vanished mysteriously! Some said she flew into the sky as the angel she projected to become (S’Ange   was her stage name), some said she jumped to her death from the window of a high-rise hotel, dressed in a white gown. When, in 2000, Susan left us all, I decided to give her a sonic reincarnation. It would take the form of an electroacoustic “opera noir”, performed in darkness With this complex setting, Susan Belling’s vivid recordings are brought tolife: the editing of her archives integrates subtle body noises, breathing and other fragile elements. Those shivers of life are important elements to aurally re-­‐embody Susan, in vitro… I thought that for her “comeback”, Susan would also need a mediator to accompany her blind date with the audience: I invited the immensely talented actor, Michael   Lonsdale,   to join us. His Father-­‐like voice comes as a blessing to her soul as he reads “Le Temps des Anges” by Mexican poet Homero  Arridjis. Another exuberant voice is recalled from the past: the late Frank   Royon   Le   Mée, an amazing vocal performer (who worked with Parmegiani and Berio) whom I recorded a few years before Susan, in the same CIRM studios. They should have met in life. The movement “Vox in Vitro” reunites them. The form of the piece goes through chronologic episodes of Susan Belling turbulent life and death, until resurrection, with the last movement “Les anges voyagent à la vitesse du silence” (Angels travel at the speed of silence).

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