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Me de Edmund J CAMPION

Année de composition : 2002
Durée : 20.00 minutes

Formation :

Pour baryton solo et électronique.

Contexte CIRM

  • Commandée en 2002 par le CIRM (avec le soutien de l'Etat)
  • Produite en 2002 par Edmund Campion dans les studios du CIRM.
  • Programmée en CREATION MONDIALE, dans le cadre du Festival MANCA 2002 "Voix d'automne", mardi 5 novembre 2002 20h30, Musée Marc Chagall (Nice), par Patrice Balter baryton, Matthew Wright assistant musical et réalisation CNMAT et Carl Faia assistant musical CIRM.
  • Reprise de la production : 5 juin 2003, Berkeley Edge Festival, Cal Performances.

Notice :

Edmund J. Campion (musique),  John Campion (conception et poésie)

ME est le second volet d’une trilogie réunissant le compositeur Edmund J. Campion et le poète John Campion.
ME est virtuel, exploration en temps réel de la naissance et du développement de la conscience dans son sens égotiste et patriarcal. Le personnage « ME » (représenté par le baryton solo) croît au travers d’une série d’archétypes et d’incarnations historiques du « surhomme » (au sens Nietzschéen). ME est métamorphique et récursif et s’exprime au travers du flot dynamique de la seule voix électroacoustique.

La forme générale de ME reprend les 7 phases yogic classiques suivantes :

Préconscience ME, espace voyelle ouverte
ME construisant le mur du langage
Le canon narcissique de ME
ME en « chanson épique »
ME s’adressant à la foule
La mise à feu de ME
ME virtuel

Tous les sons électroniques entendus dans ME ont pour origine la voix de Patrice Balter.

I. Vowel space (espace voyelles)

II. The wall of language (le mur du langage)

I cut it!
I sex it!
I can cut time!(tick-tock)

III Narcissistic canon (Le canon narcissique)
I am I am I am I am I am I am I  am I am I am I am I am I am IS

Nothing, No One, No thing,
shows the way.
Cover every mirror
There is no other side.
I shall not walk backward
to sweep away
the greatness of my step.
I suck the lightning
From our body’s house
Set each moment turning
Like a wheel
I am the center
and I the center of that.

I am burning
I am burningS

IV Ecstatic song (chanson épique)
No form exists without me.
Measure everything
and the astral bodies
bend to the will.
Man, the most beautiful star,
a diamond, a lotus,
carries my boat
over the rising tide.
Thus shall I gather you
like animals two by two
upon our ark in protection
to ride the great ocean

V Me addresses the crowd (ME s'adressant à la foule)
Art is filth and brings disorder to the world.
We shall neutralize it with hygienic masks.
Like a surgeon we shall separate the Siamese twins,
cut the signifier from the signified.
Now, gather the dolls your children speak with
and lock them in a vault.
If nature oppose, fight back and make her obey.
She is a warehouse; take what is yours,
for you are nothing but what you own.
She is a brain, give her shock treatment!
She is a library, burn her down.
Her books are filth.
I call upon you to wage a war for a thousand years of peace.
The battle is everywhere and nowhere.
It goes on forever.

[song] We bury ourselves on our way,
for every creature must suffer.
Now we fear the stony objects--roused at last to vengeance -
will dislodge the silent tongues from their ancient houses,
climb onto the porches of our mouths
and use our reason on us.
The tree speaks all languages, we will burn it downand our
golden boy dip his ladle full of ashesI am the axis mundi.
When my bow snaps, a fire strikes and the pole star moves.
Only I can waken the dead metals in your veins.
[song]We bury ourselves on our way,
for every creature must suffer.
But we shall not allow this evil scum to make us their little mouse.
Certainly we can imagine circumstances, as I said, where they might use legal tricks and be decided, that is, voted on as innocent.
They will be detained indefinitely.  No one is safe. We are everywhere.
Either you are with me or you are against me.
[song]We bury ourselves on our way,
For every creature must suffer.
Let me breathe upon you
and unleash my storms,
raising the ground to uncover you.

VI ME takes off! (La mise à feu de ME)
My enemy hides in the dark.
Her head's the dark side of the moon.
What happened is what's going to happen.
I am what I am.
That's Me speaking - c'est moi! - and I should know.

VII. The virtual ME (ME virtuel) (improvisational texts)
(optional reading at end of work)We gathered the animals two by two upon an ark and took them out onto the great ocean.
There we drowned them efficiently and in haste.
Lightning steel girders liquefied
all the people ride their electric eels
down the billowing smoke
up the padmas burst and gone to heaven.

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